• Dr. Foot Exfoliating foot scrub helps improve the appearance of cracked heels, rough calluses, and dead skin on feet, hands and body.
  • Pumice and Sea Salt buff away calluses and dead skin cells. Mint and Eucalyptus oil cool and moisturize your feet. For best results, use your favorite moisturizer or cracked heel cream after rinsing off the scrub.
  • Most foot creams or foot scrubs need to be used with a buffer or brush; however Dr. Foot’s cooling scrub is packed with natural ingredients, pumus and sea salt to naturally exfoliate your dead skin away.
  • Are calloused feet causing pain and embarrassment? With just a few uses of this cooling foot scrub, your heels will look like you just got a pedicure, without the cost of going to a spa!
  • Dr. Foot assures you 100% satisfaction with this foot scrub. Get rid of dead skin, cracked skin, and calluses with this foot scrub or you will receive your money back.

Dr. Foot Cooling Foot scrubs provides relief for cracked heel and dead skin. Non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into skin, providing instant hydration to dry, cracked skin. This formula provides your feet the relief it needs with the help of natural ingredients.

  • Sea Salt – Detoxifying properties helps exfoliate dead skin cells, while also helping increase circulation.

  • Eucalyptus – Calming essential oil helps relax feet and anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help provide relief for sore and achy feet.

  • Peppermint – Cooling essential oil, helps improve circulation and gives feet a dose of cooling relief.

  • Pumice– Natural mineral helps exfoliate skin to break down calluses and remove dead skin on feet and hands.