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  • Pain relieving foot cream with Arnica can be applied to body, foot, ankle, arch, and heel. Arnica Montana flower extract has natural anti-inflammatory properties to help with swelling and bruising.
  • Topical soothing foot rub and body rub with Arnica to help bruised, sore, and aching feet and muscles.
  • Moisturizing formula with Magnesium oil helps with sore, achy muscles, feet, joint pain and nerve pain.
  • Alternative to foot soak, which can be messy and time consuming, this arnica bruise gel provides immediate relief to sore heals, feet, and body.
  • Dr. Foot assures you 100% satisfaction with this foot gel. Conquer soreness or you will receive your money back.

Dr. Foot Arnica rub provides deep relief for sore muscles and joints. Non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into skin, providing instant hydration to dry, cracked skin. This formula provides your body the relief it needs with the help of natural ingredients.

  • Hemp Oil Extract  - Moisturizes skin and soothes inflammation
  • Lavender – Calming essential oil helps relax feet and anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help provide relief for sore and achy feet.
  • Peppermint – Cooling essential oil, helps improve circulation and gives feet a dose of cooling relief.
  • Calendula – Flower is used in many foot soaks, calendula helps heal skin issues.